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At Corporate Disk Company, our customers and clients are our highest priority. We take pride in our customer feedback as well as the products that we have contributed to their businesses. We take our customer feedback and service seriously, and we aim to keep healthy and lengthy relationships with all of our clients throughout their company lifetime. We work with all of our clients from concept and development, to finishing and fulfillment, and work to achieve the smoothest process possible for both parties. We commit and dedicate all of our talents and services to every single project we come across.

Kind words do not cost much...

…Yet they accomplish much.

– Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, Physicist and Inventor

See what our customers are saying, whether from around the web or from our testimonials, and see how we go above and beyond to help you choose, customize, produce, and distribute your products worldwide. We have proven our work time and time again and have helped some of the biggest authors, educators, companies, and business owners from around the world succeed one product at a time. We are excited to hear about what you’d like to accomplish with your products and are dedicated to help in any way possible. Contact one of our representatives to get started today!


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John Carlton Testimonial by Corporate Disk Company

The foundation of any successful business is having Support Services you can count on to meet deadlines to get the job done without problems and to understand how costs fit in with your bottom line. Corporate Disk Company is a company you can rely on to do the job you need them to do so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of growing your business.

John Carlton
"The Most Ripped-Off Writer On The Web"
Ryan Lee Testimonial by Corporate Disk Company

If you’re looking to create any type of information products whether it’s a book, manual, DVD, CD, MP3, Flash drive or anything I highly recommend Disk.com. They do everything – I literally send them my files whether its PDF files or MP3s and they take care of printing, fulfillment, shipping. It completely freezes up my entire company so we can focus on what we do best which is creating the product and marketing. So again, Corporate Disk Company has my highest recommendation.

Ryan Lee
Entrepreneur, ryanlee.com
Jeff Walker Testimonial by Corporate Disk Company

They’re just on it, they take away the pain, they take away the complexity everytime.

Jeff Walker
Publisher, Product Launch Formula
JJ Virgin Testimonial by Corporate Disk Company

You don’t need to do your homework, I went through the pain for you, just go to Disk.com

JJ Virgin
Author, The Sugar Impact Diet

There are very few people that I would go into their businesses that are vendors, that I not only let everyone know where I get all my stuff done from, but that I would endorse the way that I endorse you.

Joe Polish
Founder, Genius Network
John Di Lemme Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

Our company has worked with Corporate Disk for nearly three years, and we have been absolutely satisfied with the top-notch service that we’ve received.
 They are the very best in product creation and fulfillment with a highly skilled team that over-delivers in customer service. I confidently recommend to any company or individual seeking to create new products or revitalize your current product line with high-end service and prompt shipment.

John Di Lemme
Owner, Di Lemme Development Group, Inc.
Michelle Prince Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

I’ve had the privilege of working with Disk.com on a number of projects and the quality of service is outstanding.  I’m thrilled to work with such a professional and talented team of people who really care about me and my business, I highly recommend Corporate Disk Company.

Michelle Prince
Best-Selling Author, “Winning In Life Now”
Eben Pagan Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

You know really Joe has been one of the few business people that I’ve met, and run one of the few businesses that I’ve ever worked with that is just consistently great every single time I interact with them. My team, everyone that interacts with them on my team, loves them. We’ve done business with Corporate Disk Company now for something like 10 years and it’s really been a pleasure, so if you get a chance to work with Joe or with Disk.com, I highly recommend that you do it they are first class.

Eben Pagan
Founder, Get Altitude
Greg Habstritt Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

When push comes to shove, you have to have someone that you can rely on that’s going to be there to deliver the products and not going to offer excuses… That’s why we are extremely loyal customers of Corporate Disk Company. They’ve never let us down and I can’t count how many times that have gone way beyond and above to make sure above all else we look great to our customers. So if you are looking for the company that absolutely delivers the best service and is going to protect your reputation and even enhance it – Corporate Disk Company is the company you need to be working with.


Greg Habstritt
Founder, Authority Formula
Jesse Cannone Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

Corporate Disk Company has been the only company that we have been able to rely on who does a great job without a mess. After trying numerous fulfillment companies for my business dealing with numerous difficulties and failures, the relationship Joe and I have has become a perfect example of how a business relationship should operate. They do an excellent job and I highly recommend them –  they are the only ones that I can recommend at this point.

Jesse Cannone
Founder, The Healthy Back Institute
Mike Filsaime Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

I want to let you know that when it comes to fulfillment companies that there is only one company we look to and that is Corporate Disk Company. We found that Disk.com is the only fulfillment center that is available when we need them. They answer the phone, they have the most competitive pricing, they get the products out the door, and they handle everything for us as if it was a digital product being instantly delivered. When it comes to fulfillment I would recommend only one company and that is Corporate Disk Company.

Mike Filsaime
Founder, Marketing Genius
Wade Galt Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

They always do a great job for me. Colleen is awesome. She helps me get what I need without me having to understand all the technical details. Thanks for all your help Corporate Disk Company!

Wade Galt
Founder, The Automatic Insurance Agency
Issac J. Testimonial for Corporate Disk Company

Disk is one of the best companies I’ve worked with. The executive leadership is incredible and their prices you can’t beat.

Issac J.