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New Book? Starting a campaign to Launch your New Book? Many successful book launches have relied on our Book Fulfillment Services to help kick-start the book’s initial success.

If you need books printed, we can help to get you your self-published book printed with our excellent quality printing services.  If you are working with a publisher already, we’ll still help with full-service book fulfillment for your books to get them out to your list of top people to see the initial book.

It’s pretty easy to get started. Once the book is ready, send us the address list of recipients, and we’ll get them sent out in one large batch, or with a drip schedule of your choice.

Corporate Disk Company offers competitive pricing on printing and book launch  & book fulfillment delivery. Specializing in physical products and delivering them with easy options has been one of our highest praised services over the past 20 years.

Professional Printing

Top quality book printing services for self-published authors, and batches for book launches.

Leverage Your List

Get the initial batch of books out to your list to leverage the book launch with your key partners.

Book Launch

Launch your new book to a list of key people to help give your book a kick-start on it’s success.