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Product Fulfillment Services by Corporate Disk Company
Integrate Product Fulfillment Into Your Selling Platform

We’ll integrate with your online e-commerce shopping cart, so when a customer orders your product, shipping information is sent to our fulfillment warehouse to provide your order.

Detailed Information On Your Orders & Inventory

Get detailed information on your product orders, inventory quantities, tracking for a customers order, or get detailed reports, all with our online portal from our fulfillment warehouse.

Focus On What YOU Do Best

With Corporate Disk Company’s product fulfillment services, you won’t have to worry about doing everything to make sure your products ship, you can focus on what you do best for your business.

Integrated Fulfillment

For longer than most of us have been using the internet, we’ve provided our Integrated Fulfillment Services. Connecting to your sales process or e-commerce shopping cart, we’ll get the detailed shipping information to ship your product(s) to your customers worldwide. It’s like having a warehouse and shipping department without having to add the team or management headaches.

Batch Distribution

Need to distribute a batch of your product all at once? With Disk.com’s Fulfillment Warehouse, we’ll make sure your product is distributed within a timely matter based on your schedule with your preferred shipment method. Corporate Disk Company can provide all of your distributing needs with our team of professionals that work hard daily to fulfill your products.

Worldwide Shipping

Our Fulfillment Shipping Services ships out between 6000-10,000 packages on a daily basis to places all over the world, and with our fulfillment warehouse in McHenry, Illinois your products will be delivered in a timely manner to your soon to be happy customers. Have peace of mind because when Your Customer Clicks, We’ll Pack, and Ship to just about anywhere on Earth.

Reward Fulfillment

Running a Crowd Funding Campaign and need Reward Item Fulfillment? Not only can we help to get the right reward items for you with information products, promotional items, and even clothing and apparel, but we can also fulfill and ship those items to your crowdfunding supporters.

Book Launch Fulfillment

Starting a campaign to Launch a New Book? We’ll help fulfill the books to get them out to your list of top people to see the initial book. Many successful Book Launches have used our Book Launch Fulfillment Services to get the books out and reviewed for “best-seller” success.

Product Launches

Have you just finished developing a product and need help fulfilling during the initial launch? We can help you get the product components made, assembled, packaged, and then when it’s all complete and ready to go, we’ll fulfill the orders during your Product Launch!

Continuity Products

Do you have a monthly Continuity or Subscription based that needs to get shipped out on a regular schedule? We would like to to not only help to make the products, but to also help you to get them delivered to your subscribers.

Inventory Management

The Online Inventory System gives you all the tools needed to effectively manage your inventory. Inventory is automatically updated in real time after every sale or return. The system can notify you when product inventory is running low.

Integration Solutions

We offer easy to use, economical, and dependable backend system to integrate with your shopping cart on your web site. Some common shopping carts we integrate are 1ShoppingCart, Infusionsoft, Paypal, Ultracart, Plimus, AWeber, and more.

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