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Multimedia Packaging Services by Corporate Disk Company
Quality & Protection

We use high quality materials with your packaging to protect your product from damage during shipping or on store shelves.

Fully Customize Your Packaging

Whether you have an unique product that needs custom boxing, or you want to design your own and use photo-like pictures, we got you covered.

Wide Variety Of Products

We offer an expansive amount of options for multimedia packaging, it’s best to speak with one of our customer representatives who can guide you into the right product.

CD & DVD Packaging
CD & DVD Packaging

There is no question that the content on a CD or DVD is what’s most important,
but the packaging is what is seen first. The CD and DVD Packaging gives a
visual and text description of what the contents of the CD or DVD media contains.
Get expert advice of the kind of packaging that is best for your project.

USB Packaging
USB Packaging

As content becomes larger in storage space, and delivering
content on USB drives become more popular, the packaging
options have expanded as well recently. We offer some stan-
dard options that are readily available, and also many custom options.

Boxes & Mail Packaging
Boxes & Mail Packaging

Boxes & mailers, all shapes, sizes, and even colors. Blank boxes are great for a exterior
shipping box, but for a kit or a “shock-and-awe” product you may want a custom
label printed and applied, or even a custom designed box to your exact company
branding preferences.

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