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Are you looking to duplicate your audio, data, or information content onto CDs in either small or large runs? Corporate Disk Company has been a leader in duplicating media since 1984. Since then we have mastered the craft of CD duplication or replication and have helped THOUSANDS of companies with their content duplication.

CD Duplication, also known as “burning,” or CD Replication, known as “molded CDs” or “stamping,” is the process of copying the content from a Master CD onto a number of copies. Burned CDs are copied onto recordable CD-R media, and Stamped or Replicated CD is a CD that is manufactured with your specific content that is “stamped” through a plastic injection molding process.

Whether you have a large demand, or just need a small starter run, we can have a perfect fit for thought leaders, professional speakers, coaches, music producers, computer software developers, podcast producers, and so many more industries looking to distribute their audio or digital content at a cost-effective, yet high-quality rate with CD Duplication. We can also print your artwork directly onto your CD’s with silkscreen, inkjet, thermal, and a few other techniques to create your finished product to look great.



CDs are most commonly known for music CDs, but really a CD is a pretty versatile media that can hold audio, data, video, and just about anything else that needs to be stored within 700MB of storage capacity. There are some technical details when you’re working with CDs, but it is not something to worry about because we will help and advise you on your CD project.

CD-R Duplication – Small Runs Data Storage Capacity
Content is burned onto recordable CD-R media in quantities from 25 – 500. A standard CD holds up to a total of 700MB of any sort of data or digital files.
CD Replication – Larger Runs Audio Length
Content is stamped or molded as part of the manufacturing process to make CDs in quantities from 500 – 100,000+. A standard CD holds approximately 74 minutes of audio content; although, a CD can hold at a maximum of just under 80 minutes.


Printing Information

The artwork on a CD plays an important role to not only make the top of the CD look good with your branded imagery, but it also helps the user to quickly know what the content is on a CD.  We recommend to include as much detail as possible without being like 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack.

Product Dimension
Printing Methods:
120 mm diameter
  • Offset
  • Silkscreen
  • Inkjet
  • 1-Color Thermal
  • 4-Color Process Thermal
  • Digital
Print Area Size
116 x 22 mm
Print Colors
1-6 Spot PMS, 4 Color Process

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