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Media Duplication & Replication Services by Corporate Disk Company
Small Or Large CD/DVD & Media Duplication Runs

Create your Audio CDs, Data CDs, Video DVDs, or Blu-Ray™ discs in small or large batches with our high-quality media duplication services.

Many Choices of Media Duplication Products for Your Content

In addition to optical media, we can provide your content onto USB Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives, PlayAway Audio Devices, or even Printed Video.

Imprints & Artwork

Using the latest technology in the industry, you create the artwork or we can re-purpose your graphics for the artwork and duplicate it onto your products!


Your Small run duplication & Large run replication of CDs, Mini CDs, and Business Card CDs are in good hands with us. We’ve been a leader in Duplication Services for over 30 years, and before duplicating CD’s we were duplicating Floppy Discs!


Small run duplication & Large run or replication’s of DVDs, Dual-Layer DVDs, Mini DVDs, and DVD Plus; as well as, Single Layer and Dual Layer Blu-Ray Discs with the latest technology and techniques at our McHenry, Illinois location.

USB Flash Drive Duplication

With storage media becoming more and more necessary to transport files, it is a necessity to have a USB Flash Drive in your pocket.  Sometimes referred to as a thumb drive or USB stick, these mass storage media devices can hold a wide variety of content, and can have a different amount of storage sizes.

Hard Drive Duplication

Do you have a lot of content (like a whole lot)? Maybe too much to put onto a CD, DVD, or USB Drive? Well, we can duplicate a Portable Hard Drive with lot of multimedia content, and can even get some customized packaging or help to print your logo on the device.

SD Card Duplication

Another option for a content storage media is SD Cards (standard and micro). They are small, portable, and can hold a variable amount of data. Another added benefit is that they can hold just about any type of file, so you can include audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, and so much more.

Webkey URL Launchers

A Webkey URL Launcher is a great way to get a physical mail piece or product to connect a user to a specific website. It can be incorporated into printed brochures, and then plugged into a USB port to direct them to a pre-programmed URL. Smart, really smart.


Do you need to provide your customers with a bunch of audio in a standalone device or player?  We’ve got you covered with a solution that can hold a bunch of audio content, and even comes with a nice case, a battery, and earbuds.


Want to provide a Video Device that not only adds value, but also keeps your content secure? We have the solution for you to provide your video content onto a standalone player that does not connect to a computer, so the content cannot be copied.

Printed Video

Get ready to be WOWED because just as the name implies we can print video. Actually, it is a video player that is built into printed materials like books, folders, brochures, and even as small as a business card. A Must See!!

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