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Our “Groovy” Culture At Corporate Disk

Employee Appreciation

A Little Bit Of Company Culture

Part of our company culture at Corporate Disk Company

At Corporate Disk Company, we take pride & care in our workforce. We don’t just have “people” working for us, everyone here is unique, talented, and driven to contribute to Disk.com’s success. Our team has shown consistent dedication to our clients and our products for over 20 years, they have gone above and beyond to make ends meet in even the stickiest of situations. As part of our company culture, every year it is traditional to host our Annual Picnic, as well as a number of other events, for all of our employees and their families. It’s a small gesture of gratitude for the wonderful faces we work with everyday.

“We don’t just have “people” working for us, everyone here is unique, talented, and driven to contribute to Disk.com’s success…”

Joe Foley (left) and David Gimbel (right) thought it would be fun to have everyone take a break from production, try on their new tie dye t-shirts (supplied for our Annual Picnic Event) and to enjoy some ice cream outside for a team photo. With a bunch of laughs and witty comments, it’s small (and little) things like this that make the company fun and refreshing. It reminds everyone that Corporate Disk Company does care and appreciate all that they have done to get to this moment now, and we are proud and hyped for each and everyone of our employees.

Joseph Foley and David Gimble from Corporate Disk Company
Joseph Foley in our Disk.com Tie Dye T-Shirt by Corporate Disk Company



Corporate Disk Company is actively involved in local events surrounding the McHenry, IL area, and we help sponsor local events or fundraisers to help our local community thrive. We also provide a number of fun annual outings for all of our employees and their families, from summer picnics to Christmas parties, we provide a healthy and fun atmosphere for all our workers to enjoy themselves.

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Annual Picnic
Annual 2016 Picnic by Corporate Disk Company

Corporate Disk Company holds a number of annual events for our employees, but our most popular event is the Annual Summer Picnic. Corporate Disk provides all employees and their families the opportunity to come enjoy our outdoor event at the local beach located in Crystal Lake, IL filled with games, kayaks, paddle boats, pinata’s, music, and much more. It’s a fun annual event where all of our employees can relax and be themselves, visit family friends, and best of all celebrate everything that our company has accomplished.

Fiesta Days
McHenry Fiesta Days Sponsored by Corporate Disk Company

Employee’s of Corporate Disk Company volunteer to our annual McHenry Fiesta Days contributing their services wherever it is needed. Corporate Disk Company also sponsors the local event which takes place July 10-19 throughout McHenry and includes a variety of family entertainment, live music, a carnival, Big Wheels Race, track meet, McHenry River Run, arts & crafts and more. We have attended McHenry’s Fiesta Days for years and are always excited when each new year comes around.

Come join us this year!
Find out more: www.mchenryfiestadays.com

Local Golf Outings
Corporate Disk Company at McHenry Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing

Corporate Disk Company’s employees have the opportunity to join many different golf outings around the area, one of them being the McHenry Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing. Teeing off at the McHenry County Golf Club, our employees embark on a fun-filled day full of great food, friends, and fairways. The Chamber of Commerce offers participation in local raffles and contests during the event, and presents awards to the best players at the end of the night’s cocktail hour.

Come join us this year!
Find out more: McHenry Chamber of Commerce



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July 1, 2016