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Joe Polish Interview

Thank you for watching our interview with Joe Polish!

Would you be interested in seeing something else that is pretty cool, and maybe even a little sneaky?

Okay, so we secretly created another video with Joe Polish’s help (even though he didn’t know exactly how he was helping). 🙂

We had another idea we’ve been working on, and having Joe Polish at our HQ solidified the idea.  We gave Joe a small script to read in front of the camera with a couple actions.  He asked what it was for, and we just said we were working on another little project.

That was the sneaky part, but the really cool part requires some information from you.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to bombard you with a bunch of unnecessary emails, and we will keep your information safe.

In order to make the COOL part work we need you to fill out the form below with your First and Last Name, Company, and Email Address.

We’re putting some finishing touches on the video, but as soon as it’s ready we’ll send you an email to access it.