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When To Use Promotional Items

Are you promoting your brand or business through promotional items or crowdfunding rewards? Find out the benefits of using promotional items and materials to help boost your business.



Are you looking to promote your product or brand with gift or promotional items? When and where are good situations to use your branded materials for better business?

Professionally branded Promotional Items are perfect giveaways and freebies at any event you are using to promote your business. Gift and Promotional Items come in a wide range of different products themed to the certain event or situation. Well thought-out products that match the theme of your event or location are perfect and thoughtful freebies, these are items your potential customer or client will actually use during the event, or use regularly outside of the work environment. Promotional Products can range to literally any type of item from electronics and tech, to blankets and pencils.

Strategically identifying the theme of the event, or finding super unique items is very important to get the attention of your potential customers and grow the reputation of your brand. In fact, before receiving a promotional product, 55 percent of people had done business with the advertiser; after receiving a promotional product, 85 percent of people did business with the advertiser – according to the SAGE Online blog.

Promotional Items Example #1 by Corporate Disk Company


  • Adding a Promotional Product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44%.
  • 8 in 10 consumers own between (1) and (10) promotional items.
  • More than half (58%) of consumers keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years.

  • More than half (58%) of consumers keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to morn than four years.
  • 83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message.Promotional Products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone.

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Crowdfunding is a popular platform in funding certain types of various projects, whether it be new movies, projects, or donations to organizations. Alot of these crowfunding sites offer rewards to their customers who donate money, many of these awards are themed to the crowdfunding project or include a number of items the project is trying to fund. With different tiers of donations ($10, $25, $100, etc.) customers receive certain gifts and awards for donations, the more the customers crowdfunds, the more unique and value the award is.

Having a company that can not only manufacture your promotional products but also ship them to your clients automatically can take a huge load of the resources your using, letting you focus on what you do best, owning a product or company. This saves you time and stress by allowing us to handle all of the manufacturing and shipping for you.

Corporate Disk Company is a leader in providing Product Fulfillment and Crowdfunding Reward Fulfillment for our clients all over the world! We integrate our system with your shopping cart online, once your clicks… we pack and ship! This system is totally automated which requires no maintenance on behalf of the client, get 24/7 online access to our web portal where you can see your orders, view inventory, request special shipping instructions and more!

Crowd Funding Reward Fulfillment by Corporate Disk Company



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