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How Multimedia Packaging Can Help Your Business Grow and Scale With Fewer Headaches

Businesses and entrepreneurs in search of a company that specializes in multimedia packaging should reach out to Disk.com. Multimedia packaging is a great way to advertise your company, which in turn can help you expand your customer base. Using our packaging products, you can add a personal touch to your items and ensure that your customers remember your company. Custom multimedia packaging has become very cost effective, and can help you get clients, keep clients, get referrals, and stand out from the competition. It can make a world of difference.

How Can Multimedia Packaging Help Your Business or Organization?

Multimedia packaging can help your business grow and scale in a variety of ways. Packaging your products properly is more than just a way to sell to your customers, and if you don’t incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy, you may fail to appeal to new and existing customers. Appearances are important, because customers will remember your company’s logo and the look of your company’s packaging.

If you aren’t sold yet, traditional packaging and media packaging can help your company by:

  • Differentiating your products from those of a competitor
  • Boosting your brand
  • Providing customers with information (ex: weight of a product, ingredients, etc.)
  • Promoting sustainability (buyers prefer sustainable packaging products now)

Packaging your products in a way that appeals to customers should always be one of your top priorities. Now, more than ever, there are custom options at an affordable rate for all forms of media.

Here’s a glance at some of the different types of packaging you can use today:

Boxes and Mail Packaging

If you are seeking a cost-efficient solution for storage or a myriad of other uses, consider utilizing our blank shipping boxes. These shipping boxes come in a number of styles and can be used to store your products, printed material, or media. Each box comes with protective stuffing to ensure your items remain undamaged during the shipping process. We offer standard style, pizza, tube, and heavyweight boxes, and they come in an assortment of colors, including kraft, white, and standard.

Cartons & Mailers Packaging Example #3 by Corporate Disk CompanyOur labeled box packaging is a strong choice to maintain your brand’s image. There are countless ways to label your boxes, whether you desire to print a full-color logo on it or you simply want to add handling instructions on the side. We offer a variety of labels in different sizes so you can be sure each label matches the size of your box perfectly. Our labeled boxes offer a high-end appearance but they won’t break the bank.

Sometimes, finding the right custom packing solution can be difficult. Fortunately, our custom box packaging is perfect for any number of business types. We can customize your box to ensure your brand is adequately displayed and your customers remember your company and its products. You can choose between a custom or box design, both of which are ideal for presentations, gifts, and informational products. You can further customize your box with either silk or litho-wrap print. We can use die cutting and special embossing to make your packaging unique.

Our standard mail packaging offers the most cost-efficient way to brand your products for shipping. We have a variety of products, such as envelopes and padded mailers, and our unique colors and looks ensure your packaging will stand out from the rest. Custom mail packaging is an even better option if you wish to customize your packaging even further. Our representatives will work one on one with you to create a solution that will wow your customers. Select from one, four, and foil stamp printed options, as well as a host of other customized designs.

 USB Packaging

There are two basic options for USB packaging. Our stock options are ideal for anyone who needs a simple, cost-effective packaging solution. We offer a number of options for both cap drives and metal swivel drives.  While our custom packaging gives you the opportunity to utilize your own logo or prints.

Standard USB Gift Box Packaging by Corporate Disk Company

Our custom USB packaging choices include:

  • Customized plastic cases
  • Magnetic closure bags
  • Imprinted bags and boxes
  • Custom configured packaging
  • Elegant presentation packaging

No matter which USB packaging you choose, you can rest easy knowing our company can customize a product you will be proud of every step of the way.

CD and DVD Packaging

Multimedia CD and DVD Packaging by Corporate Disk CompanyAs technology has advanced, packaging has evolved from basic binders, vhs tapes, cassette tapes, to CD & DVDs, and USBs. The future will bring us even more multimedia packaging that is interactive and immersive whether it’s online or offline.

You may be surprised, that even today, many people prefer to receive software and entertainment in hard-copy form. If you sell any kinds of disks, whether music CDs or software DVDs, you want a packaging solution that showcases individuality. Whether you need a simple, cost-efficient solution or a highly customized package that can hold multiple disks, we can help. We offer a variety of sleeve, case, and jacket options, so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Our standard CD packaging option is perfect for anyone who desires an upscale-looking packaging product at an affordable price.

For full-color, high-quality printed boxes, slip cases, wraps, folding cartons, or custom solutions to leave a lasting impression on anyone you distribute your disks to, our custom packaging may be just what you need.

When you choose this packaging type, you can work closely with our design professionals to create the right look for your brand or you can submit your own artwork to be featured on your CD’s packaging. Pick from a variety of printed jewel case inserts, wraps, digipaks, and mailers.

As a distributor of DVDs or Blu-rays, you understand the importance of having a visually appealing package. Our standard DVD packaging can meet all of your digital media needs. It is a cost-efficient solution that allows you to choose between a variety of jackets, jewel cases, Tyvek sleeves, paper sleeves, and C-shell cases. Disk.com’s custom DVD packaging provides the opportunity to spruce up your packaging using full-color wraps or boxes. As always, you are free to submit your own artwork to print on it as well.

Printed Video Devices

Printed Video Example #5 by Corporate Disk Company

Technology has exploded, with new innovations coming out all the time. Anyone looking for a technology-driven product, such as a printed video device, will be pleased to know we have a plethora of options. These printed video devices let you impress others with a small postcard or letter-sized holder for a portable video player. When the recipient opens the player, a video of your choice will automatically start to play.

There are many options to choose from, and before making a decision, take your own project into consideration. Maybe you prefer to have multiple videos with buttons to alternate between each video and skip/pause controls that allow for easier note taking. The following options are also available:

  • Built-in speakers
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Single or multiple videos
  • Auto-play
  • Matte or glossy finish

Our team can help you narrow down the best options for your project.

Webkey URL Launchers

Disk.com sells low-profile custom USB URL Launchers that can be embedded into your marketing or printing materials. Once a customer places the USB drive into their computer, it will instantly launch a pre-programmed URL in their web browser’s window. Using a USB in this manner is a great way to direct traffic to your company’s website or URL using a physical medium.

Webkey URL Launcher Duplication by Corporate Disk Company

There are multiple design and decorative options so you can create a high-quality end-user experience. Choose between business card USBs or customized printed versions. USB URL launchers are perfect for direct mail campaigns, and they can be easily set up using a single URL.

Label Printing

Taking advantage of our box printing and customization services is a great way to stand out from your competition and truly tells customers about your business. We offer full-scale printing services for standard or stock boxes, gift boxes, retail boxes, mailboxes, and other custom printing solutions. Disk.com representatives will work closely with you to create the custom solution of your choice. Make a statement with customizations such as foil hot stamping, silk screening, and label printing.

Label Printing

Did you know you can reduce additional costs by branding your products with high-quality prints? Full-service label printing services are ideal for anyone needing a label for their bottle, box, or package, and we can print retail and custom labels as well. Our prices are reasonable and we do all the printing in-house. We also offer fast turnaround times for both large and small quantities.

Direct Marketing and Mail Printing

Direct Marketing and Mail PrintingThere are surefire ways to attract customers, and one tried and true method is to send out marketing mail to potential prospects. Communicating with prospective customers this way can be challenging, but with our direct mail printing services on your side, you can achieve your marketing goals. We print USB mailers, brochures, folders, inserts, postcards, CD/DVD mailers, and even custom mail solutions. Direct marketing is an effective strategy for businesses of all sizes and types, and when you work with us, you can remove many of the headaches associated with marketing a company.

We work side by side with you to create a direct marketing solution that achieves your marketing goals. Disk.com specializes in printing a variety of mail packaging such as letter envelopes, bubble wrap envelopes, large envelopes, and customized, full-color envelopes. By utilizing unique mailers or envelopes, you can increase the chances of prospective customers actually opening your marketing packages. We also offer the following options and benefits:

  • Online integrated solutions
  • Variable data printing
  • Customizable campaigns
  • Integrated fulfillment options
  • Small and large-scale run options
  • Environmentally-friendly options

With our direct mail solutions, you can target a wide audience of prospective customers or clients.

Variable Data Printing

To make more of an impression, personalize mailings and other items with customer-specific data.

Variable Data Printing by Corporate Disk CompanyDirect Mail Data

Disk.com provides customers with the choice to customize their direct mailers using variable data. You can send invitations with messages and customized names, and you can even send a customized item to each individual customer or prospective customer.

Badges and Name Tags

If you require name tags or badges, check out our variable printing services. Personalize each badge with an attendee’s name, and you can add extra information if they are a speaker, sponsor, or special guest. We offer a variety of printing combos, and you have the chance to customize the material or finish you choose.

Barcode and Serial Codes

With our assistance, you can create specialized serial numbers, bar codes, or GR codes for your products or labels so you can promote and track your products. Using serial and barcode printing, you can utilize customized variable data to track down products in bulk. Serial numbers and barcodes can also be helpful when processing returns or dealing with errors and disputes.

Custom Variable Data Printing

We realize there are types of printing variable data that don’t fit into any particular category. Talk to one of our representatives today to learn more about how we can help with your business’s specific needs.

Binding and Finishing

Binding Services by Corporate Disk CompanyA quality bind can offer many benefits. Whether you are publishing a hard or softcover book, our binding services can help you with your printed manual, workbook, or journal. Our Spiral and Wire-O binds are perfect for anyone who wishes to create a book that will be read by notetakers or students. Both binds allow pages to lay flat on a surface so the reader can take notes as necessary. If you need to produce an easel-backed book or desk calendar, a Spiral or Wire-O bind may be perfect. There is no need to worry about shifting when the pages turn, and we can assure you our binds are visually appealing and capable of complementing the overall appearance of your book.

Our binding for books, notebooks, and journals offers the following advantages and options:

  • Saddle stitch binding
  • Perfect bound softcover and paperback books
  • Scalable options
  • Plastic coil binding
  • Top-notch quality

We can also assist with your large-scale and short-run projects.

For books or publications that require finishing, we provide full-scale lamination, foil stamping, debossing, engraving, and coating services. Your book can also be folded or stapled to your specifications.

Signage and Displays

Disk.com can help businesses create beautiful, eye-catching signs and related materials. We offer a high-quality selection of products, including display signs, quick signs, decals, outdoor signs, retail signs, and customized solutions. You can create a custom sign of your design from scratch or choose from a variety of materials, types, and sizes for any promotion or event. Our signage solutions are cost-efficient and we offer a quick turn-around time. There are foam-core, aluminum, corrugated plastic, and backlit options suitable for any location or situation.

Signage & Display Printing by Corporate Disk Company

Banners are an excellent tool for anyone seeking to bring attention to their business or services. Disk.com offers a full range of banner printing options that include banner stands, popup banners, retractable banners, outdoor banners, vinyl banners, and custom banners. Our professionals will work with you to determine your budget and create a banner that will exceed your expectations. Our banners are ideal for trade shows.

Audio Devices

Reaching new customers and keeping current ones is easy when you utilize portable audio devices, such as an MP3 player. We can help create personalized MP3 players and other audio products that showcase your company’s brand and deliver high-quality audio content at the same time. Our MP3 players can be easily recharged and distributed, and they are powered by an AAA battery.

Audio Device Duplication Services by Corporate Disk Company

Get in Touch With Us To Learn More About Multimedia Packaging

When the time comes to take the marketing and distribution steps you need for your company to expand, contact Disk.com. Our multimedia packaging solutions are ideal for businesses of all types and sizes, and our team of professionals would be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us today.


July 25, 2022

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