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Get professional Crowdfunding Reward Fulfillment Services for your Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub, Fundrazr, Pozible, and more! Automatically ship your reward and promotional items without the worry, we fulfill all your orders while you can focus on promoting your crowdfunding project.

How Crowdfunding Reward Fulfillment Works

So you’ve started your own crowdfunding campaign with a number of tiered complimentary rewards for your donors. Depending on how big and popular your campaign is, keeping track of all your donors and rewards can be quite a hassle. Not to mention handling all of your returns, defected products, or shipment problems… A small task of shipping your rewards out can turn into a colossal mess!

Teaming up with a Reward Fulfillment Company can be beneficial to your campaign by automatically handling all of your fulfillment needs for you, this means that we send your product out as soon as your donor contributes to your campaign or when your campaign ends. Corporate Disk Company’s fulfillment center integrates with nearly any shopping cart online, so when your donors click… we pack and ship. We handle every shipment, every return, and supply you with real-time data on your shipment via our Online Portal. Check out any of your shipments data including: tracking numbers, donor information, addresses, and more.

Crowd Funding Reward Fulfillment by Corporate Disk Company

Our Process


Launch your crowdfunding campaign on a major crowdfunding website, start promoting or advertising your campaign, offer high end rewards and get people interested.


We integrate our system with your online campaign, whenever you receive donations our system automatically fulfills your shipment request worldwide.


Offer high-end rewards for your crowdfunding campaign that will get your donors to donate, the more unique the reward, the more success you may have with donations.


You collect your crowdfunding donation after your donors donate to your campaign, we grab their shipment details and proceed with shipping automatically.

Payment & Shipping

Collect the donation and all the payment information, our system automatically grabs the shipping information. This automatic process happens instantaneously.


Once the above process finishes, our fulfillment center will ship out your rewards to your donors and handle any returns that may happen. We send you real-time information via our Online Portal.


Don’t get overwhelmed with fulfilling your crowdfunding rewards! Talk to one of our representatives who could give you more in-depth information on our Reward Fulfillment Services for your Crowdfunding Campaign

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