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5 Reasons To Consider Product Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment of your products to your customers can be alot of work, especially if you do not have the resources to successfully distribute products. There are so many aspects involved with Product Fulfillment, from inventory to shipping addresses, to returns and exchanges, it can easily become overwhelming for some businesses and companies to keep up with demand of their products. Having a fulfillment company can take most of stress off your business by automatically shipping your products out for you worldwide, even handling all the returns, exchanges, or disputes. Usually integrated into your sales system, product fulfillment can be a life-saver for businesses that are struggling with their product demands.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Product Fulfillment Services for your business:


Focus On Your Business

Free up all the time you and your team have spent packing boxes, shipping, handling returns, and more! Hiring a product fulfillment center to control your distribution means you have a dedicated distribution service 24/7 that works automatically, this means more time for you and your employee’s to focus on growing and advertising your business. This automatic process happens when your customers make a purchase on your website, that integrated information is sent to our distribution center (where all your products are stored), and we fulfill your order the same day of your customers purchase. You can even log-in to our Fulfillment Center and see your inventory levels, latest orders, and the status of any current orders.

Now that your fulfillment is handled, you can focus on running you business and earn more customers. Don’t struggle trying to distribute and fulfill your products yourself when you have a dedicated team waiting to handle all your shipping and fulfillment needs!


Maximum Distribution Flexibility

Outsourcing any order fulfillment allows companies and businesses to avoid hiring additional employees, buy additional equipment, or spend a bunch on shipping and handling across the world. During the seasonal shopping activity, fulfillment companies tend to be the busiest distributing companies by having the resources to handle such activity. With the busy shopping seasons, many employers and companies hire temporary staff and buy new equipment to handle the increase in activity.

However, with product fulfillment services your company becomes completely flexible with its shipping and distribution needs. There is no need to hire additional temporary employee’s, invest in new equipment, or strike your budget with expensive product shipping. When sales are slow, you are not losing money from idle equipment, or letting employees go at your company.


Lower Costs, Faster Shipping

When you are shipping products yourself, the costs can add up to be astronomical. Unless you are partnered with a shipping company, or have a “good deal” from your friend awhile back you’ll be spending alot of your time and money fulfilling products to your customers. Many companies nowadays offer FREE shipping with their products, but services like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx cost money to use. Whether you are passing the costs down to the consumer or not, cutting shipping costs can keep costs down.

Using a Fulfillment Company that has conveniently located warehouses around the country, you can really reduce your costs in shipping and freight. By using that to your advantage, you can locate your products all over the country and distribute your products closer to the consumers. Not to mention, Fulfillment Companies are usually partners with shipping companies and can offer you better shipping rates than the post office would.


Goodbye Fixed Costs

If your a small business, storing your products in your garage or storage shed might work out, but as demand grows so are your fixed costs. As your inventory grows, you will need to find a professional place for your physical inventory to be received, processed, stored, and accounted. Things like storage facilities or warehouses have a fixed costs (ie. rent, utilities, etc.) that can add up quickly. No matter how business does, your still going to have to pay all the rent. These fixed costs can do a dent to your overall profit, so cutting down costs when you can will save you alot of time, stress, and money in the future.

Once partnered with a Fulfillment Center, all of your fixed costs turns into variable costs. This means that you can convert most of your fixed cost to a variable cost that will go down or up according to how well your product sells which can do alot for profit. Most Fulfillment Centers have pretty reasonable pricing and not to mention store your products safely, and handle them appropriately.


Reach Globally

Fulfillment Companies commonly do business with distributors all over the world, receiving and shipping product goods on a constant basis. A good chunk of fulfillment centers offer facilities worldwide, or have great business relationships with people overseas. Using a fulfillment company to distribute your products offers the opportunity to reach new growing markets such as foreign countries and distribute your products accordingly. This can not only expand your market, but also provide an opportunity to open a whole new product market for your business.

With the low shipping costs offered through fulfillment companies, you’ll be able to expand your products exponentially worldwide in a cost-effective manner. This could boost your profits and help you reach new potential clients or consumers, by offering your product worldwide you can advertise your product globally.

Dedicated Worldwide Fulfillment

See how Corporate Disk Company can help your business with WORLDWIDE PRODUCT FULFILLMENT & DISTRIBUTION that is integrated automatically into your sales system.

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