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Tired of dealing with shipping your own products to your customers? Do you want to Integrate your online selling platform with our fully automated product fulfillment services? Your customers click, and we pack and ship. Anytime one of your customers purchases your product, our warehouse fulfills the order for you – with no hassle. Get 24/7 online portal access to your inventory, detailed reports, and in-depth information about all your shipments.


We offer comprehensive list of products from our in-house digital printing department including books, workbooks, hand-outs, name badges, and more! As an all-in-one solution for product manufacturing and fulfillment – save your time, money, and resources by having your products created and shipped to your clients all under one roof. We offer many custom printing solutions for any project.


From foil stamped journals, branded ceramic mugs, water bottles, stress relievers, to your own logo branded ice packs. There really isn’t a limit on the many creative ways you can add your logo onto some really excellent brand matching merch. Need something for an event? No worries that is an area we are very familiar with, so let us know what you are thinking about.


With a massive selection of stock packaging options and custom printed solutions – get professional multimedia or product packaging for your company. Whether you need packaging for display units or protective packaging for storage and mailing, you’ll work closely with our representatives to find the right packaging solutions to meet your specifications.


Known for our duplication and replication services since 1984, Disk.com uses the latest technologies in CD, DVD, & USB duplication to bring you on-demand duplication in bulk. Whether in small or large runs, we provide a professional duplication process with an vigorous quality control environment. You’ll work closely with our professional representatives to determine your project specifications and meet your demands.



You get to benefit from the many, many years of customized solutions that have helped to build all of our expert & superior quality services backed by an all-star dedicated team of professionals


Integrate your platform to our automated fulfillment and never worry about shipping your products again


We offer an all-in-one solution for all of your product manufacturing, printing, and fulfillment needs.

Since 1984 – Corporate Disk Company, also known as Disk.com, has been a trusted partner to thousands of clients to produce, manage, and deliver information and products worldwide. We focus on providing extensive printing, manufacturing, and fulfillment solutions that our clients need in order to be successful. Whether its completely custom solutions or our standard services, Disk.com’s dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you to meet your specifications and expectations.

Using the latest technologies in printing, CD/DVD duplication, digital media, & multimedia Packaging – Corporate Disk Company is proud to bring you high-quality products for your company that are budget-friendly and cost-effective. With our automated fulfillment services, we’ll will store your products in a secured environment, integrate with your online selling platform, help distribute your products nationally or internationally, & back it up with complete shipping, tracking, and customer service so you can focus on what you do best – run your company.

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Your customers click, we pack and ship! Integrate your selling platform with our automated fulfillment program to create a seamless customer experience. Get 24/7 portal access for detailed information about your inventory and shipments, while we handle all the storage, shipping, and returns to and from your customers in one central location.


Printing and binding solutions for your products in short and large runs backed by a dedicated team. Get turn-key digital printing services for your documents, forms, handouts, books, booklets, and so much more. We offer plenty of resources for custom and generic printing options to help create cost-effective printing solutions.


Get custom solutions for your product packaging whether for display on store shelves or bundled for shipping. With a massive selection of multimedia packaging and custom printed solutions, we offer cost-effective resources to create packaging that fits your brands identity. With affordable packaging solutions, Disk.com is your all-in-one resource for your packaging needs.


Known for our long-running duplication services, Disk.com provides full-service short and long run duplication for your CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, and USB Drives. Duplicate your media for distribution and get a complete turnkey pre-mastering analysis, glass mastering, molding, silk-screening, and collateral printing with optional packaging or fulfillment services.

Media Duplication

We’ve partnered with thousands of manufactures to bring you custom promotional items for your products, events, or giveaways. Choose from an extensive collection of items tailored to your specifications with turn-key production and delivery. Build your brand image or find fun items to give out.


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